MOMS Club® of East Brandywine/Downingtown PA

The MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support)Club is an international not-for-profit support group for at-home mothers and their children. There are more than 1500 MOMS Clubs. The purpose is to provide a forum for topics pertinent to child-raising, to engage in activities to enrich the lives of children in the commumity, and to undertake at least one charitable project related to children.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Upcoming Activities

5th- Park playdate, K7 playdate
6th - Lunch at restaurant
7th- K10 and K11 playdate
8th - K9 playdate
11th - board meeting
12th - craft day
14th - babysitting co-op
15th - K9 playdate, cookie decorating
18th - business meeting
19th - mom's night out
20th - K8 playdate, museum field trip
21th - K10 playdate
22nd - K9 playdate
28th - trip to funland
29th - K9 playdate