MOMS Club® of East Brandywine/Downingtown PA

The MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support)Club is an international not-for-profit support group for at-home mothers and their children. There are more than 1500 MOMS Clubs. The purpose is to provide a forum for topics pertinent to child-raising, to engage in activities to enrich the lives of children in the commumity, and to undertake at least one charitable project related to children.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monthly Activities Description:

Tea - Anyone want to host a tea at their place? These are so much fun!! Our club has some baskets of teabags, sweetener, creamer, spoons & napkins to really make it easy! All you need to do is offer a beverage and treat (someone usually offers to bring it) and offer your space (and your toys) to other moms and children who need connection too! New Member Teas are specially designed to invite new members to meet more moms and get to know what MOMS Club is all about and connect with a Mentor Mom, if desired. Social Teas are simply that, a time to be social.

Pot Luck Lunch (All Club) - Anyone interested in hosting a potluck lunch at their house? Simply provide plates, forks, & drinks, and the guests will bring the meal! Plus, you’re left with lots of yummy leftovers!

Infant Lunch - Any mother of an infant to host a potluck lunch for other moms with infants. This is a great way for new moms to mingle!

Lunch & Play - Hosting this activity is easy at the restaurant of your choice—places like McD's/ChuckECheese/ChicFilA are great. Agree to be the contact person (RSVP - for sign ups and cancellations) and show up with your children for a fun lunch OUT! No cleaning required!

Dinner-To-Go - This is a fun way for us to make dinner together while socializing. The hostess plans the menu and shops for the supplies. Each participant pays the hostess for the food, and brings their own dishes to prepare it in. We get together and cook a meal to take home for our families, or freeze!! :) What could be more fun?

Park Days - Spring has sprung & we can really start planning park days, and we always need moms to serve as the contact person for these simple, yet fun activities! You choose the date and the location, and agree to be the contact person for sign ups and cancellations. Then, take the kids & play!

Kids’ Craft - Who's crafty?? Want to host a craft hour at your home or the Clubhouse? Consider sharing this with another mom. Hosts can ask for each guest to help pay for supplies ($2 per child, for example.) Any kind of activity would be great.

Field Trip - There are so many fantastic places to go and things to see in easy driving distance. Firehouse or Police Station Tours. Park Picnics. Museums. Bowling. Museum. Kid Gyms. SwingSets Direct. Creative Playthings. And there are so many more! This consists of our club going to their location as a group. As the contact person (RSVP) for this activity, pick an activity and schedule it with the company/location (if need be) for the group to attend. Notify the activities committee, and we’ll get it on the calendar, and moms will contact you to sign-up. Then, just go and have fun!

MOMS Night Out - Just what is sounds like - a fun evening out with the big girls (leave the kids with Dad!) This could be held at a restaurant, clubhouse, or someone’s house, a movie theatre, a craft place, a salon, or just about anywhere we can have some fun and relaxation. Int’l MOMS Club only allows one evening event each month.